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10Lbs Frisco Hemp Flowers (Free Shipping)

10Lbs Frisco Hemp Flowers (Free Shipping)

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*Mix N Match any of our strands. Email us your choices and order number. 

4480 Grams/ 160OZ/ 10LB of Premium Organic Hemp Flower!!!

Boutique Small Batch/ High End Cannabis/ CBD Hemp 

Smokeable CBD/Hemp Flower

Looks-Smells-Tastes Just Like Marijuana

No Seeds/ All Buds 

700,000mg of CBD 

Limited Time Offer

Made in USA

Satisfaction Guaranteed

3rd Party tested 

FREE SHIPPING- Ships to all 50 States- FREE SHIPPING

Lab Results: ND- 0.00% Delta 9 THC. Mold Free, Pesticide Free, 100% Organic.

Description: Fresh large dense buds with a frosty crystallized structure. All of the Hemp Flowers are completely seedless and have a “loud” gassy fruit smell. 

Potential uses of these cannabinoids include treating the following:
  • pain relief
  • anxiety relief 
  • nausea.
  • cancer.
  • appetite loss and eating disorders.
  • Alzheimer's disease.
  • glaucoma.
  • multiple sclerosis.
  • muscle spasms.
  • joint and hip
  • immunity strengthens
  • improves sleep
  • stress reduction 

2018 Farm Bill Compliant 

Legal Shipping to all 50 States

Wholesale Flower Available