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Frisco Labs

Frisco Labs - High-Quality THCa Shake

Frisco Labs - High-Quality THCa Shake

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High-Quality THCa Shake

This is Boutique Small Batch Delta 9 THCa Shake (Indoor). The shake is made from hand-trimmed clippings from the nugs. THC Hemp Flower is lab tested and packs a punch at 16% + THC. Grown in a California house, our flowers are free of seeds and stems, so you can use them right away. For bigger quantities of THC Shake, just shoot us an email.

Delta 9's THCa Shake is an indoor-grown, premium cannabis product that promises a potent, unrivaled experience. THCa, or Tetrahydrocannabinolic acid, is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid found in raw and live cannabis. As the precursor to THC, it offers a range of therapeutic benefits without the high.

Our THCa Shake is carefully curated from high-quality cannabis plants grown in optimal indoor conditions. Each 1 oz. 28 grams package delivers a substantial serving, ideal for both medical and recreational cannabis users. The shake consists of small bits of cannabis flower and leaves that fall off the bud, giving you a blend that's perfect for smoking or using in edibles.

Enjoy the soothing, calming effects of our THCa Shake. Simply grind it up and use it in your preferred method of consumption. Experience the Delta 9 difference today with our premium THCa Shake.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

It's exactly what I'm looking for. Helping to treat seizures with this strain. It's a great sleepy time medicine and affordable! Love Frisco Labs!

Matthew Sommerton

Good smoko ording again

Ashleigh Post
Great job

Good product, fast order processing. Considering its coming from one of the busiest places on the earth, fast shipping.

Kareem Mowatt

Delta 9 THCa Shake (Indoor)