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Colombian Gold CBD Flower

Colombian Gold CBD Flower

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Colombian Gold CBD Flower


For many cannabis cultivars, Santa Marta Colombian Gold has been a proverbial genetic goldmine testing at around 17-22% CBD but is extremely hard to find. This is highly recommended if you have never tried a CBD potent strand. This will give you the relive you are looking for but without making you sleepy and draggy like traditional cannabis.  It’s been used in many popular creations, including the Original Skunk and Love potion strains. Unlike some of the newer strains out there without a lot of mileage yet, Santa Marta Colombian Gold is about as classic as cannabis gets, dating back to popular usage in the United States in the 1960s after being grown in Colombia (in the Santa Marta mountains that became its namesake). Keep reading to learn about how this strain can still bring it after six decades of highs.

Also called “Colombian Gold,” this strain is a genetic relative of Acapulco Gold, which is famous in its own right. Santa Marta is a Sativa-dominant strain (75/25) from the breeder known as Reeferman, bred from two Colombia cuts, one pure Sativa and one Sativa/Indica hybrid. Being adapted from landrace strains, Santa Marta Colombian Gold has the heartiness inherent to its natural evolution, growing in warm climates out in the barren mountains. It’s a slow grower, taking as long as 11 weeks to flower. However, its long lineage rewards patient growers with a clump of orange-green buds on a smallish plant (and the promise of an incredible evening). The plants grow with plentiful leaves that come in loosely arranged, farther apart from each other than you may be used to. The buds grow in long shapes around the pale green leaves with a lot of resiny white, almost yellow trichomes. Even in the ground, they give off the scent of earthy skunk, pine, and a hint of lime.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Michael Lee

I'm not buying pot from you if it doesn't get me high. That's why I smoke pot.

Great stuff!

Came fast! And it was filled with huge buds perfectly dried. Very chill smoke but can get up and go on it.

Carl Burchett

I really like it

Mild High

The high was lackluster for me. The buds smelled nice, and were easily pruned.

Hakeem Thomas

Colombia Gold CBD Flower