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Mango Kush Delta 9 Thca Caviar joint

Mango Kush Delta 9 Thca Caviar joint

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Mango Kush Delta 9 Thca joint

FLAVOR: Mango Kush is a heavenly blend of Mango and Hindu Kush, sweet and tropical in flavor, with a touch of earthiness. Best for unwinding after long days, it's an Indica-dominant strain with calming and relaxing effects. Also perfect for medical use, it counteracts stress, anxiety, and chronic pain due to its high THC content. Feel euphoric and uplifted; its flavors and effects make Mango Kush a standout strain!
SERVING SIZE (DOSE): One-half cone per serving
SERVINGS PER CONTAINER: Each container contains two servings.
Frisco Labs PRE-ROLLED CONES are an easy, convenient way to consume cannabis. They come pre-rolled for you, with a dub tube casing to mask odors. Their cone shape has a cardboard tip that prevents wetness and clogging. They provide an even, consistent burn and dosing, and are ideal for any level of user.

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Customer Reviews

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Mikki Stewart
Mango kush delta 9 Caviar thca

Divine specimen of ganja!
I'm A SEASONED Potnoisseur, I've been, I am, & will always be a Baked Lover of Ganja🥴
I really hv enjoyed my purchases & bonus gummies 🤤
Matter of a fact I'm getting another order in couple days. I'm excited to sample. The mango kush Caviar Joint was yummy! Well done, Frisco labs! Yous guys definitely have developed, incredibly Amazing pallets 🤓
All the flavors and potency and care in handling.. I 💚 Caviar joints, rolling in keef, takes you even more.
Higher and higher..
Truly frisco labs is a blessing upon more ☺️
Thank you
Mikki S.