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Pineapple Diesel

Pineapple Diesel

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Pineapple Diesel

Thanks to the breeders at Frisco Farms they are the founders of this marvlous bud, they have designed this flavorful bud that can best be described as a sativa connoisseur’s fever dream. Pineapple Diesel, a cross between Pineapple and Sour Diesel, is a social strain with a psychoactive kick to it that gives users a cerebral rush and leaves worries in the dust.

This hybrid strain boasts moderate THC levels at just 18% on the super peaks at the 23% THC range on the high end and CBN hitting around 2% on average. Because of this combination, users can expect a fully heady high that centers largely around the mind. The aromas of this strain are pungent diesel with light citrus undertones and flavors that range from tart citrus to sour pineapple to gasoline. It sounds strange, but for lovers of the Diesel family, this is right up your alley. The nugs are small and brightly colored green with brown hairs and crystal trichomes.

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Customer Reviews

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Earl Jones
Pineapple diesel

Straight gas!!

Bobby P.
THCo The Spiritual Cannabinoid

The Pineapple Diesel THCo cured moist buds are small and medium sizes. The aroma is of fresh pineapple, fruits and a bold weed smell that tickles my nose. This flower smoked is strong and it lets me know to slow down when I pull on my Marley Naturals Spoon Pipe. This is a creeper in that after a few moments the high changed. The feeling is spiritually stimulating and euphoric with a sense of freedom. It has a trippy feeling as well as being relaxing. The Dynavap SKC glass Vaphit delivers a smooth pineapple, citrus, and a refreshingly potent vaper hit with fresh tasty flavors in my STAX Glass Water Pipe. It boosts me up there with big cloudy pulls. Pineapple Diesel delivers a different effect in that it is a bit psychedelic and pleasantly thought provoking. Frisco Labs THCa flower and Pineapple Diesel mixed together takes me above and beyond to a cosmic in orbit high. Try it you'll like it. Frisco Labs never ceases to amaze me with product quality and service.

Cassandra W

Great service. Great products