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Train Wreck - Delta 9 Vape Pen

Train Wreck - Delta 9 Vape Pen

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Train Wreck - Delta 9 Vape Pen


Vape (THC) oil pen w/ 3x potency than traditional THC. 10 flavors available, rechargeable. Micro USB & charger included. 2170 Panasonic Tesla Li-Ion battery. CCELL all-ceramic & nanoscale inlet air holes. Premium organic flavor. Single silicone ring protects any leakage. Medical-grade Delrin material. Premium nanosized clear AAA grade 94% oil. Lab-tested 90+% THC, no VG, PG, PEG, mineral oil, vitamin E or additives. Net. wt 1.2 gram.

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Customer Reviews

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Tawanda Dawkins

I have really enjoyed this vape pen!!!!

David Keith

Train Wreck - THC Vape Pen

Lacey P

Excellent service, fast shipping, easy payment process good product!

Douglas S

Yeah buddy! I have to take two of these delta 8 but the effects seem to last for hours. I wasn't affected by the suggested 1/2 gummy serving. This is no fault of Frisco but I should have opted for something stronger. I never purchased or used these products before. However, I used to smoke more than 20 years ago and this product produces similar/milder results. I assume you could up the dosage?