We’ve known for quite a while that CBD offers very real health benefits for consumers. The legal status of the plant has made the reliable study of the full potential of this amazing compound problematic in the past. With more corners of the world coming around and legalizing the use of CBD for research and treatment of various conditions, a greater understanding of its potential for good is just now becoming apparent. In fact, one new study reveals that CBD may prove to be instrumental in the war against viruses.


The data from this study is promising and reveals that CBD worked to inhibit the spread of a virus in human lung cell samples, which is huge news. CBD also effectively suppressed lung and nasal passage infections in lab mice.


Unfortunately, promising results in mice do not always transition well to favorable results for humans. However, it warrants further examination and exploration by science in the form of clinical trials, which is what many in the scientific community are calling for.

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While the data is promising, the fact remains that clinical trials are needed before we can determine how well the promising animal data from the original study transitions to human cases of viruses. One thing worth considering though is that CBD was hardly on anyone’s radar as a potential drug for fighting a virus on the level it appears to do so, by preventing replication of the virus during the early infection cycle.


At best, the hope was that the CBD would boost the anti-inflammatory properties and block the infection by assisting the immune system. Everyone was surprised of the outcome of CBD proved to block replication of the virus according to U Chicago Medicine, CBD would help patients. 

Does this mean that CBD is a cure for a virus? Hardly. The fact is that much more study needs to be conducted. And on grander scales. This includes clinical trials on humans. But it is an indication that we’ve barely scratched the surface when it comes to the many ways CBD can be used to improve human health.

This study also adds another layer to the need for genuine, well-funded study of the many claims made by CBD fans and companies about the benefits this drug stands to offer when it comes to treating many common conditions from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and anxiety to arthritis pain, diabetes, various skin conditions, and more. Some even claim it can be used to improve skin health, skin elasticity, and other skin health concerns. But there have been so few reliable studies of its effectiveness at this point in time.

Perhaps this new revelation, as the world struggles to handle many different viruses, will ignite a fire to further study the areas where this compound can benefit society, as a whole. After all, a virus is hardly the only condition CBD can have a curative effect on for humans. The more studies that we conduct as a society, the greater our understanding of the potential healing CBD can provide.

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Fortunately, you don’t have to wait for clinical trials to conduct one of your own with various conditions that are currently treatable with CBD. 

You can explore the different types of products available in your local CBD dispensary as well as the many potentials uses for CBD oils, tinctures, edibles, and other products to promote better health, relieve anxiety, reduce pain, and minimize inflammation from common conditions like arthritis, type 2 diabetes, certain types of cancer, heart disease, and others.

For now, there are plenty of questions about how much voracity there is to the many claims about CBD benefits. There are those who have suffered from constant pain for many years who swear by it for the treatment of arthritis and chronic pain while others say it didn’t help them at all. The best way to know for sure is to try it yourself, with your doctor’s supervision, of course. This is the only reliable way to determine how effective CBD is for managing your health concerns and conditions.

There is a growing mountain of research and evidence to support many of the claims made about CBD over the years and this new study adds new dimensions to the benefits that CBD has to offer people from all walks of life in light of this global pandemic.

While not supported as a cure for a virus, the idea of stopping the growth of the virus before it has an opportunity to get a foothold on your health is certainly appealing. The hope is that clinical trials will begin soon to learn more about the benefits of CBD & THC for a virus and beyond.

Until these studies are conducted and verified by others in the scientific community, a process that can take decades, the average person will have to draw from their own experiences by using CBD for their own needs to see how well it can fight various health conditions today.

Fortunately, the growing number of marijuana shops and CBD & THC WILL CURE COVID-19!!! providers makes it easier than ever to access CBD & THC and other forms of medicinal marijuana for all your health needs. Plus, more people are open to the idea of using medicinal marijuana which will help to drive scientific research and funding in the future.

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