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Frisco Labs is a California-based company. We are an innovative company that maintains its primary focus on superior smokeable flowers and cannabis edibles. Our products come in the rawest consumable form, untouched and unaltered tops of the flower plant. Having high-end products and unmatched prices makes us a superiority in the cannabis marketplace.  

Our boutique flowers are pharmaceutical grade produced at our own 100,000 square foot indoor cultivation center. We maintain our consistency by harvesting our flowers quarterly, guaranteeing the freshest and best products possible. We are proud to provide clean trusted smokeable flowers for you to enjoy. 

Our Edible confectionary facility takes pride in the perfection of each edible giving the absolute perfect bite every time. We precisely hand make each batch our cannabis edibles giving us the perfect dosage, texture, and taste.  

Frisco Labs offer legal shipping to all 50 states under the 2018 Farm Bill. We also have in house quality control checking and testing all products pure, potent, and clean. 

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