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Ice Water Delta 9 THCa Hash

Ice Water Delta 9 THCa Hash

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Ice Water Delta 9 THCa Hash

30%THCa - 

Ice water hash

A cannabis concentrate in which trichomes are frozen and broken off of the plant using ice water and physical agitation, then poured through mesh bags to sift out non-resinous plant material. Ice water hash is also called bubble hash, ice wax, and cold water hash, and is usually dabbed but can also be sprinkled on top of flower. Quality is rated on a scale of one to six stars, indicating refinement and meltability, with low quality at one star and high quality at six.
"This is 6 Star Hash"

What is ice water hash?

Ice water hash is created by freezing cannabis trichomes using ice water then agitating the blend, which separates the trichomes. The combination is then filtered through a series of mesh bags, known as "bubble bags," that allow trichomes to pass through while keeping away plant matter. Usually, several bags with successively finer meshes are employed, refining the hash with every bag. Quality and meltability of ice water hash is evaluated using a star system - one star for lower quality, and up to six stars for higher quality. Uncured, freshly frozen flower commonly produces high-grade ice hash.

How is ice water hash different from extracts or live resin?

Ice water hash is a highly sought-after product due to its mechanical extraction process which does not rely on chemical solvents like butane, propane, or CO2. This careful extraction preserves the original strain's flavor and does not chemically alter the concentrate.
Naturally occurring in both marijuana and hemp, Tetrahydrocannabinolic Acid (THCA) is the key cannabinoid in marijuana and exists in minuscule levels in hemp. Its derivative, Delta-9 THC, provides the desirable, euphoric high that many consumers seek. Consequently, THCA Flower has become a highly sought-after product in the hemp market, offering an accessible - and legal - method for experiencing the effects of Delta-9. To convert THCA into Delta-9, the compound must be heated, typically through smoking, vaping, or cooking.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Definitely a bit misleading (at best)

Only reason I'm not eating this even lower is that this stuff could still be considered smokeable or even good by other people. Unfortunately, this stuff is very clearly sprayed by trees at the least, but what it looks to be is some very heavily coated "Moonrocks" of sorts. Either reaaal C grade thca outdoor hemp that they're trying to cover up, or even worse, could be CBD. If you look at the attached images you'll clearly see the bud structure peaking through some of these chunks of "hash", and it has an absolutely unaturally potent smell of florally derived terpenes. Very unfortunate, however delivery was timely, and I caught this on sale so I'm not too burnt. Definitely still a marketable product! Just not as bubble hash!

Zach Stoll
Cotton Candy hashish

The cotton candy hashish smells exactly like cotton candy!

Zach Stoll

Bought FPOG, very smooth with a berry flavor. Definitely recommend the Hashish.

Kieran Collins
Thca hash

Very smooth and a good overall experience will be ordering more very soon😋

Was amazing

5 stars all the way. Shipping.. very happy.