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Ice Water THCA Hash

Ice Water THCA Hash

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Ice Water THCA Hash


Ice water THCA Hash

This cannabis concentrate is frozen and extracted using ice water and physical agitation, filtered through mesh bags and free of excess plant material. Described as bubble hash, ice wax, and cold water hash.

What is THCA ice water hash?

Ice water hash is crafted through an advanced freezing method which isolates cannabis trichomes, agitating the mixture for a separation. Then, the blend is filtered through bubble bags with different mesh sizes, refining the hash for optimal results. Quality and meltability are rated using a star system - one star for low grade, and up to six stars for high-grade. Unprocessed, freshly frozen flower is usually the best source for superior ice water hash.

How is THCA ice water hash different from extracts or live resin?

Ice water hash is a coveted product thanks to its mechanical extraction process, which preserves the natural flavor of the strain while avoiding chemical solvents such as butane, propane, and CO2. Tetrahydrocannabinolic Acid (THCA) occurs in both marijuana and hemp, but it's found in higher concentrations in marijuana. This is the compound responsible for Delta-9 THC, which produces the desirable, euphoric feeling so many users want. Thus, THCA Flower is an especially popular choice in the hemp market, giving users a legal way to access its effects. THCA needs to be heated to convert into Delta-9, which can be done through smoking, vaping, or cooking.

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Customer Reviews

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Ian Marsden

Ice Water THCA Hash

Sean Mccarthy
Top shelf hash

Outstanding, best ever

Royce Brown
Very good

Not the texture. Of the photo, but the product was more afghan which is still pretty good for the price. Excited to try more strains

Hash be Smackin

I dont normally do many product reviews but thought this needed a high 5. Good work Fellas

Brent k
Fake hash donor buy!!!

This shit is nasty burns your throat when you smoke it. I’m pretty sure it’s kief and distillate mixed together