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CBD Moon Rocks resemble a lunar landscape, yet they provide out-of-this-world effects! Don't be fooled by their craggy and cratered surface - they are your ticket to an interstellar experience.

Experience uplifting feelings with current flavor ORANGE GELATO! A perfect balance of Orange Cookies x Orange Gelato Moonrocks creates a Creamsicle-flavor pick-me-up with no energy-draining effects. This CBD-infused strain is a hybrid, offering a heady buzz that awakens the senses and brings a sense of focus. Orange Gelato is the star of these Moonrocks, delivering an enjoyable, gentle high that radiates from the brain throughout the body. Get ready to feel amazing!

Introducing Our High-Quality CBD Moon Rocks

The most potent CBD Moon Rock available tops the market with over 45% CBD, making it perfect for experienced cannabis users or those needing strong doses of CBD for relief. Opening up a Moon Rock nug reveals an exquisite dark green color and bulky bud structure, plus a pine-sap stickiness and a delightful chocolate-coffee aroma with faint fruity notes on exhale. This unique variety of Moon Rock packs a flavorful earthy and fruit taste true to cannabis, rather than hemp. Inhaling CBD Moon Rocks brings on strong body effects within five minutes, with a gradual increase in sensation for the next quarter hour as psychoactive effects enhance the mood with an upbeat feeling.

Moon rocks CBD is Most potent CBD flower strain - 45% CBD

The buds are exceptionally potent, containing over 50% of the plant's active compounds. Moon Rocks boast an impressive 45% CBD, well above regular CBD levels, with added CBN, CBG, and varied terpenes for an enhanced effect.

May Seem to Work Miracles

Moon Rocks offer an unbeatable combination of calming relief and energizing effects - all without the psychoactive feeling that can come with other products. People use these amazing rocks for pleasure, day or night, to feel comforted or to soothe their mind. Enjoyment is guaranteed, anytime, anywhere.


Moon Rocks is an inventive blend of top-shelf buds, CBD-rich distillate, and cannabinoid-packed kief - creating an otherworldly experience that produces intense, varied effects!

Tantalize your senses with Moon Rocks, a heavenly experience created by combining three distinct cannabis flower varieties. Relax with the cozy Bubba, revitalize with the energizing Diesel, and relish in the calming CBG and CBN - these CBD Moon Rocks bring relaxation and energy in one blissful combination. Experience a journey of total physical and mental bliss.

How are Moon rocks with CBD made?

Moon Rocks have graced the cannabis scene since the 70s, and the modern-day creation process is more intentional than ever. It starts with an organic, greenhouse-grown CBD Bubba Kush tenderly trimmed at its prime and then immersed in a CBD Diesel terpene distillate, becoming densely layered in an aromatic, sticky outer coating. Finally, the CBD nuggets are rolled in a kief comprised of CBG and CBD, producing a rocky finish with a triple threat of cannabinoids. Give your taste buds and senses a treat with CBD Moon Rocks!

How to Smoke CBD - MOON ROCKS?

Despite the temptation, it's best to smoke Moon Rocks through glass pipes with medium or large shafts. Worse yet, using Moon Rocks to roll a joint or blunt could cause problems with staying lit. Luckily, a sprinkle of CBG or CBD flower will do the trick. Additionally, thin pipes should never be used with Moon Rocks, as their distillate is known to clog narrow passageways. For the ultimate experience, many users recommend picking up a bong to enjoy these special rocks.

Step 1: Break up single nug

Breaking up a nug of Moon Rocks is a must to begin your smoking experience. A knife or your hands can easily do the job - don't attempt to use a grinder. Not only will you get a big, sticky mess, but kief dusting will be lost in the process!

 Step 2: Place small portion of broken up moon rock in bowl

Gently break up a Moon Rock nug and place a small amount in the bowl of a glass pipe or bong. (Tip: For a unique experience, add CBG or CBD flower to the bowl prior to placing a section of Moon Rock on top for a special blend.)

Step 3: Light CBD moon rocks slowly

Light up your Moon Rocks with a gentle glow, inhaling slowly as you do. If using a regular pipe, angle it slightly away from your face for effortless inhalation.

After Smoking directions

The Moon Rock nug may bubble and melt while smoking--don't touch it when it's lit because the sticky distillate will stick to your skin and create an unpleasant sensation. Get ready for a huge cloud when exhaling, take a slow and steady inhale and be prepared to cough--first-time users may be surprised by the intensity of this product.

CBD Moon rocks are revolutionary wellness products, known for providing an unconventional CBD experience. By combining the powerful effects of CBD with a unique blend of herbs and other natural ingredients, we've developed an exceptional product that provides instant relief.

Harvested from organically-grown hemp, our CBD Moon Rocks contain absolutely no toxins and provide a pure, unadulterated CBD experience. They undergo strict testing, ensuring that it’s free from any harmful toxins and safe for use. Our products are designed with wellness in mind and are perfect for those in need of a herbal boost or natural relief.

From first-timers to seasoned users, our CBD Moon Rocks are user-friendly and easy to utilize. Each rock can be broken up and included in your favorite food or drink, or simply enjoyed on its own. With a texture and flavor that’s unmatched, you’re sure to enjoy the rich, satisfying experience that CBD Moon Rocks provide. Experience the powerful effects of CBD in a fun, novel way with our CBD Moon Rocks. Order yours today and feel the difference.

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Customer Reviews

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Moon rocks

Exactly as described and very potent! I look forward to buying more.

Jane Doe
Edit of my previousreview...

So my only's so rich it clogged my pipe after filling it 3x! Hash soaked in vape juice rolled in keif will do that I suppose! HIGHly recommend!

Jane Doe
These will put you over the moon!!!

I live in a rec legal state (MA), but couldn't resist the glad I did! Package arrived at 3:17, its 4:01 and I'm feeling awesome! Thanks so much!