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Frisco Labs Exotic Indoor Garlotti Mintz THCA Strain

Frisco Labs Exotic Indoor Garlotti Mintz THCA Strain

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Garlotti Mintz THCA Strain

Introducing Garlotti Mintz THCA Strain, the exotic indoor strain that's a cross between Chem Dawg/ Gelato x Animal Mints. Admired for its unique flavor, this indica-dominant hybrid is a must-try for any fan of the strain.

Get ready for a flavor that's like garlic but minty too! The scent is strong and sour, with hints of diesel and spices. (It's a real treat, trust us!)

Experience the ultimate "chill" with Garlic Mints, a strain from its Animal Mints parent that will leave you feeling totally relaxed from head to toe. It starts with a blissful high in the mind before melting into a full body sensation of warmth.

Prepare to sink into a blissful state of relaxation with this potent strain. With a potent 30-32% THC and 2-4% CBD, it's perfect for treating stress, anxiety, and physical discomfort. Its dense, spade-shaped nugs boast an earthy green hue, accented by subtle orange hairs and a layer of sandy amber crystals. Get ready for some ultimate couch-lock and let the Garlic Mints take over.

Frisco Labs Exotic Indoor Garlotti Mintz THCA Strain Frisco Labs

THCa Flower and What is it?

THCa-infused flower refers to the unrefined buds of the cannabis plant, held in high esteem for containing lofty levels of THCa, more commonly known as tetrahydrocannabinolic acid.

Difference Between THCa and THC?

THCa is the precursor to THC, a compound that becomes THC when exposed to heat. Heat causes THCa flowers to decarboxylate, resulting in THC through a loss of its carboxyl group. Its molecular structure is similar to anandamide, a naturally occurring cannabinoid in the body, making it readily absorbed.

What makes it High THCA Flower-

High THC-a flower is simply just that, cannabis flower containing a high amount of THCa. For a flower to be classed as “high THCa”, it needs to test out at above 1% THCa. 

Why Sould you buy THCa Flower?

Well for starters, in their raw, un-decarbed form they allow you to enjoy the natural benefits of cannabis. Purchasing THCa hemp flower is convenient, easy, and safe thanks to its legal standing. You can get THCa hemp flowers delivered directly to your doorstep.


THCa hemp flower offers an easy way to enjoy the natural benefits of cannabis. It is also a safe and legal product that can be conveniently delivered to your door.


THCa flower is an increasingly popular, totally legal alternative to most of what is sold at dispensaries. It is a natural, unprocessed form of cannabis that can be used in a wide range of ways, depending on your needs and preferences.


THCa flower is totally legal to buy. So, if you are looking for a new way to experience cannabis, then give it a try. Here at Frisco Labs, we have a wide range of THCa hemp flower in our catalog, with something to suit everyone’s needs.


Check them out today! THCa flower's natural, unprocessed form offers a variety of different methods of usage, so you can choose what's best for you. And, as a legal alternative, you can buy it with confidence, knowing you'll be getting the high-quality product you're looking for without any risk.


At Frisco Labs, we have a wide selection of THCa hemp flower to choose from. Try out this amazing new product today!

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