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What will the 2023 Farm Bill Include?



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We are introducing that the farm bill would raise the THC limitation and alleviate the issues with the previous 2018 farm bill.  


When Hemp was legalized in 2018 the government also made it extremely difficult to reach the high standards keeping it to a .3% THC limitation. Farmers and extractors would be at ease knowing they can concentrate on growing not knowing what percent the plant flower is testing at in a particular moment. Knowing they can be arrested or have their entire crop burned for having over the THC limit.  

The bill would aim at raising the bar for the THC limit to a reasonable one percent during cultivation and extraction, giving the farmhand a break. A Maine based Congresswoman introduced the Hemp Advancement Act of 2022 with the goal to improve the 2018 Farm Bill’s hemp provisions and provide greater clarity and flexibility to hemp growers and processors, which will be finalized in 2023.  

highlighted three fixes to the 2018 Farm Bill that The Hemp Advancement Act of 2022 would implement: 

  • Raise the allowable THC threshold for hemp and in-process hemp extract to make the rules more workable for growers and processors while ensuring that final hemp products sold to consumers aren’t intoxicating. 
  • Remove the requirement that hemp testing occur in DEA-registered laboratories, which is a particular challenge in Maine where there currently aren’t any of these facilities. 
  • End the 10-year ban on people with drug-related felony convictions receiving a hemp license, which disproportionately excludes communities of color from participating in this emerging market. 


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