Frisco Labs Wholesale Delta 9 Distillate Liters For Sale

Brief Overview of Frisco Labs' Wholesale Delta 9

Please contact us for our current list of premium 99% Delta 9 Distillate ;

Frisco Labs, a renowned name in the industry, had been selling its unique Delta 9 distillate under a wholesale deal. The product was highly sought-after due to its superior quality and competitive pricing. However, it is with regret that we announce that this product is no longer available for sale.

Delta 9 is a variant of the popular THC, known for producing a more clear-headed high compared to its Delta 8 sibling. Frisco Labs’ Delta 9 distillate was unique due to its pure concentration and lack of added fillers – a quality that made it stand out amongst competitors.

While this product may no longer be available, Frisco Labs assures its customers that the commitment to quality and affordable pricing remains intact. Keep an eye out for our new range of products and exciting sales in the wholesale front coming soon!

For inquiries or more information regarding our product lineup, feel free to reach out. Your patronage is important to us, and we can’t wait to bring you more groundbreaking products in the future.