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Frisco Labs

Papaya THCa Flower

Papaya THCa Flower

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Papaya THCa Flower

Frisco Labs Papaya THCa Flower

 27.7%THCa -

Papaya THCa Flower 1Oz is an indica-dominant hybrid strain. Crafted by Nirvana Seeds, this strain is a cross between two famous varieties: Citral #13 and Ice #2. With a scent evocative of its namesake fruit, this strain provides a zesty, spicy flavor that stands out too. Plants are typically short and slender, producing dense, fluffy buds covered in papaya-orange hairs in approximately 8-9 weeks. Consumers of Papaya Indoor THCa Flower 1Oz often report experiencing enhanced mental calmness and heightened energy and productivity.

THCA, a cannabinoid present in both marijuana and hemp, has elicited avid interest from the hemp sector, due to its transformation into delta-9 THC upon heating - via methods such as smoking, vaping or culinary applications. Tetrahydrocannabinolic acid, to give it its full name, is the dominant compound in marijuana plants, and as such, has become a widely sought-after, legally permissible source of the effects of delta-9 THC.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Kenneth Stokes
Papaya THCa

It’s great , nice mellow, relaxing high .

Chuck Hooper
What flavor

Don't hesitate try the flower, the bong does it justice

Papaya THCa

Has a sleepy buzz, thought it would be stronger buzz. Will try another THCa to find mt preference.