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Pie Hoe Delta 8 Flower

Pie Hoe Delta 8 Flower

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Pie Hoe Delta 8 Flower

pie hoe thc cannabis strain

Pie Hoe is a slightly Indica-dominant hybrid strain of cannabis. First grown in Colorado, this strain is attributed to the grower known as Cannarado. This mysterious and anonymous grower is a Colorado native who is dedicated to delivering the best cannabis in seed form to their customers. It is reported by some sites that Jungle Boyz was instrumental in the creation of Pie Hoe, by collaborating with Cannarado, though this claim is unsubstantiated. They created Pie Hoe by crossing the infamous Grape Pie and Tahoe OG strains. The result of this cross was a plant with an average THC concentration of 26% that made for a wonderful afternoon or daytime smoke.

These buds take on the classic Indica appearance of oversized grapes and spades. These morsels of cannabis are forest green in color with innumerous, thick orange hairs that wrap themselves around the surface of the bud. In addition, the surface is coated with a fine coating of tiny amber trichomes that are slightly cloudy.

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