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Strawberry Sequoia THCa Flower

Strawberry Sequoia THCa Flower

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Strawberry Sequoia THCa Flower

Frisco Labs Strawberry Sequoia THCa Flower
 21.5%THCa - Small Bud -

Sequoia Strawberry, a sativa-dominant strain created by SinCity Seeds, features a distinct aroma of strawberry candy and a subtle hint of hash. Offering stimulating effects, this strain is ideal for completing tasks, outdoor activities, and exercise. Growers will also appreciate its generous yield thanks to its relatively short 60-day flowering period.

Naturally occurring in both marijuana and hemp, Tetrahydrocannabinolic Acid (THCA) is the key cannabinoid in marijuana and exists in minuscule levels in hemp. Its derivative, Delta-9 THC, provides the desirable, euphoric high that many consumers seek. Consequently, THCA Flower has become a highly sought-after product in the hemp market, offering an accessible - and legal - method for experiencing the effects of Delta-9. To convert THCA into Delta-9, the compound must be heated, typically through smoking, vaping, or cooking.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Dustin Moore

Decent love the flavor very little shake which i love that. Small little tight nuggs will decently be a return costomer

Nikolas Rowland

Ok so it took me a long time to figure it out because no one even told me, until my second order, everything on this menu is THC infused. Not naturally grown. This stuff smells like hemp, it’s a little brown and not that strong. The coas say Thca isolate. They show these pictures of good looking flower, and send you something else. As soon as I ordered this, they change their main menu to say THCA infused. I already opened the bags so it’s too late. I just gotta smoke a bunch of hemp now

Nathan Ratermann
Awesome flower

After a few days, boom!! Delivered to the door!! The little buds are perfect for me to weigh out for edibles, or the one hitter. Great buzz, and flavor!!!

Debra Thompson

Service and product is exceptional