• I saw 1 comment about the purchase an individual made complaining that it was not strong enough that it was “False Advertising” about the strength of their purchase.
    Well, let me say, I have cronic back pain even after my fustion and removal of my L5/Tailbone disc years ago. I have to say that I smoke at night b4 bed and I sleep like a baby. No pain during the day if I am uncomfortable I will take 1 large smoke and I’m mellow with no pain.
    If this person is expecting to get plastered perhaps they should purchase THC.
    I have purchased several different flavors and they all work like a charm. No complaints her and I have even recommended it to a friend who only got females grown last year where it is legal to grow no more than 6 plants. I will continue to purchase from now until my time is up/LOL. I have seen nothing but positive comments b4 my 1st purchase therefore I will continue to do so. Almost time for bed and a little comfort which work almost right away. Be Blessed and STAY SAFE! :)

    TINA A
  • I have to admit that I was skeptical about products online but I was desperate so I ordered a few. They have been a miracle for me! I’ve tried everything for 21 years to help with pain, anxiety, depression and insomnia, but nothing worked for long if at all. These gummies DO WORK and I couldn’t recommend them more! I even posted about them on Facebook so my family and friends can get help too. I’m eternally grateful to the people at FriscoLabs!

  • Top class service and products, will definitely be back for another order ,thanks friscolabs.

    Kieran Collins
  • Great service and top class products these guy are the best , hands down the best people to do business with ,thanks

    K collins

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