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1:1 Concentrate

1:1 Concentrate

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1:1 Concentrate

Indulge in the Luxurious Experience of Nugrun Sauce

Embark on a journey with our 1:1 Concentrate Nugrun Sauce. Made with the highest quality cannabis, this premium product delivers an intoxicating punch with every dab. Uniquely potent, it boasts of 1000mg hybrid content that'll transport your senses to an entirely new dimension.

With the 1:1 Concentrate Nugrun Sauce, you're not just smoking - you're indulging in a unique experience. Every puff is packed with dynamic flavor and an unparalleled high, a testament to the meticulous care put into its production.

We craft our Concentrate Nugrun Sauce from the finest products, focusing on preserving the powerful cannabinoids and terpenes that deliver its mind-altering effects. Splendid for recreational indulgence, the Nugrun Sauce can also benefit those seeking therapeutic relief.

This 1000 mg Concentrate Nugrun Sauce promises a ride of indulgence, flavor, and potency. A quality that sets us apart from our competitors. The Sherblato Hybrid strain used in our nugrun sauce is carefully selected, grown, and processed to give you the best smoking experience imaginable.

Experience premium indulgence with our 1:1 Concentrate Nugrun Sauce - a true testament to top-tier cannabis dabs. Order yours today and rediscover the joy of smoking.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

Sherb Sauce. Thank you Frisco labs. Thee best.

Jane Doe
Soo tasty!!

While I live in a rec legal state (MA), in a city with 5 rec dispensaries, I still buy wax, vapes, and moon rocks here cause they're as good as/better than dispensary stuff (not to mention cheaper)! (Moon rocks have been esp good lately, and wax and vapes are always tasty with terpenes!)!

Dr. G

Delicious and nutritious. Gets some sause on the lid but a little of that is expected from shipping. Possibly a larger container for multiple grams?