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Frisco Labs

Green Crack Indoor THCa Flower

Green Crack Indoor THCa Flower

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Green Crack Indoor THCa Flower

Frisco Labs Green Crack THCa Flower

 24.61%THCa - Small Bud -

A breath of fresh air for cannabis aficionados, Green Crack is fabled to be a fusion of 1989 Super Sativa Seed Club, Skunk #1, and an Afghani landrace. The original cultivator, Cecil C., allegedly christened it Cush, yet the ever-engaging Snoop Dogg reappropriated the handle to Green Crack in reference to the vigorous, sativa-like buzz he associated with it.

THCA, a cannabinoid present in both marijuana and hemp, has elicited avid interest from the hemp sector, due to its transformation into delta-9 THC upon heating - via methods such as smoking, vaping or culinary applications. Tetrahydrocannabinolic acid, to give it its full name, is the dominant compound in marijuana plants, and as such, has become a widely sought-after, legally permissible source of the effects of delta-9 THC.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Sandy B
Must try!

Great quality, overall great product. And this is an amazing company! Would give 10 stars if I could!

Anita Vukovicsnl
Eddigi választásaink szerint best of

Férjemnek rendeltem meglepetésből és az ő véleménye, nem rossz lehetnének a Bugák kicsit nagyobbak ,De ez lehet hogy pont így jó. Zila teljesen rendben van hatása érdekes nem annyira erős de Misi gyenge ellazulás szerintem tökéletesen megfelelő

Addigi legjobb választás

Kicsi tömzsi de összenyomásra össze letölteni a kerék akkor a gumot amekkorát akarunk. Ellazulás belső békét előidézi.

Awesome but pricey

Awesome product. A lil pricey. But overall, you won’t be disappointed with it. Only gripe is the customer service. I believe they’re foreign and can’t comprehend. The communication is non existence. Wouldn’t allow me to use credit card, they say because of amount but couldn’t explain why or give specifics

Bobby P.
They Don't Call It Green Crack For Nothing

These camo colored buds are small, dense and very sticky. The aroma is fruity, floral and tickles my nose. I snap off a small chunk and it is all I need to get high. The Vaphit with the Dynavap Helix Titanium Tip Big, wide open and low draw resistance dense cloudy pulls It gets me smacked stone and silly with the terpene flavors that are intense. I heat with the Ispire Wand SKC again and my Bio water piece gets me blazed and lifted. The vapor tastes like exotic fruit, Mango and fresh weed. I feel an energy boost, a bit tingly with a functional intense high very fast. A little goes a long way. I let my friend that calls me a "Hempster" try it. He says THCa Hemp is not real weed. He got so high I had to pull him off the ceiling with a rake lol. Green Crack is as powerful as it's name. The Blunt Blaster with a gentle squeeze on the carb hole creates shot gun streams of bold tasty smoke. It's sneaky, looks like your sipping a sturdy bottle. Try Green Crack THCa flower you'll like it. Frisco chat service answered questions and my order arrived in 3 days.